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Everyone can
Grow-in-the-Flow with Produgie Sprints

Produgie Sprints make it easy to deliver results while practicing and activating leadership capabilities - without learning fatigue or burning people out

Make it easier for busy people to achieve more with less effort

Sprints combine proven, action oriented coaching content with embedded data analytics and AI to deliver personalized guidance and development at scale

Grow-in-the-Flow with Produgie Sprints
Sprints are a period of time during which an individual is delivering real work outcomes with guidance and nudges from Produgie and feedback from others. Produgie Sprints define Actions, Behaviors, and Outcomes.
Expansive Sprint Library
Produgie contains more than 100 Sprints designed by experts in leadership and organization effectiveness that can be configured thousands of ways.
Task Specific Advice and Feedback
Produgie automates task-specific feedback from stakeholders to support the individual throughout the Sprint; the system tracks effort and outcomes and graphically displays analytics for the User who can share with a Manager, Coach or Mentor.
User Generated Content
New Sprints are added each month and contributed by Users, Customers, and Experts.
ESG & Resilience Sprints
Libraries in expansion mode include Social
Equity & Environmental Sustainability (ESG), and Resilience & Well-Being.


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