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Rapid change and
growth require teams to adapt quickly

Accelerate team transitions, formation and alignment at scale

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Scale team alignment capabilities for enhanced team effectiveness

Science backed and proven Team Alignment survey & Sprint enable increase team and capacity to deliver outcomes that matter

Create Multiple Teams
Produgie Users can create up to 3 Teams and invite members to join; members do not need to be Produgie license holders to complete the Team Alignment survey.
Improve Team Impact
Team Alignment Survey provides deep insights into alignment of Purpose, Process, People, and Perspectives of Stakeholders. It also recommends areas for team improvement.
Immediate, Shareable Report
Team leaders view the results in Produgie immediately after they generate the report; then  can share the screens in a team workshop or complete Sprints designed to build Team Alignment.
Powerful Team Health Indicators
Teams are scored on the Inclusion Index & Psychological Safety Index displayed for the Team Leader (indices coming soon).


Build your people, teams & culture faster to keep pace.

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