Growth Leaders - Developing a Growth Mindset with Eunice Goh

October 26, 2021

Eunice Goh, CEO, SmartUp.Io shares the importance of having a Growth Mindset and how it has helped her and her team thrive in an environment where is there is no playbook for success.

Growth Leaders - Creating And Executing A Winning Growth Plan with Benjamin Joe

September 23, 2021

Benjamin Joe, VP of SEA and Emerging Markets, Facebook shares the importance of developing successful growth plans and why companies should have a deprioritise list and only focus on the items that give the most impact to their business

Developing and Empowering Talent with JY Pook

July 15, 2021

Dr Alison and JY Pook, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Asia Pacific and Japan, Tableau share the importance of using data to develop talent, and why everyone in a company should be given access to all the tools and data available so that their day-to-day decisions won’t be misguided by ambiguity, but driven by data.