Frequently Asked Questions

What is Produgie?

Produgie is software with embedded analytics that equips leaders and teams to build capabilities required for business performance and growth. It includes proven leadership assessments, and it guides Users to design experiences that develop critical capabilities in the flow of everyday work. Produgie leverages data and technology to nudge and support the User and measure impact and outcomes.

Would Produgie be suitable for my company?

There are various ways to deploy Produgie. Some examples include:
1. Scaling growth leader capabilities
2. Augmenting leadership development programs 
3. Targeted development of different talent pools

What problem does it solve?

For People Managers, Produgie makes it easier to develop their team; for businesses; Produgie increases the ROI of in-house leadership programmes, cost effectively builds leader supply and enables them to scale capabilities for business growth and transformation. Companies are drowning in learning content and Produgie focuses on providing practical insights and personalised support.

Who is the target user?

Individual contributors who must influence others to deliver results, people managers and managers of people managers. In smaller companies, the top team also benefits from Produgie!

How do I use Produgie?

 As an individual User with .LEAD, the development cycle has 3 stages.

1. ​Explore – The Growth Leader Assessment will provide Users with insights on the capabilities required to drive growth. When coupled with User input on key business challenges and priorities, Produgie will rank and recommend areas for development.
2. Design – Based on selected development areas, the User can choose from a library of proven Sprints and devise a personal plan of Actions and Behaviors that lead to concrete Outcomes. To complete the 2nd stage, the User will select stakeholders (Sprint crew) who will assist by providing advice and feedback along the development journey.
3. Sprint – As scheduled by the User, Produgie will start the process of development, with nudges and appointments to guide the User as he/she grows-in-the-flow of everyday work. Built in analytics allow the User to monitor progress and assess return on Actions, Behaviors and Outcomes.

​Based on progress made with development objectives or changes in business priorities, the Design and Sprint stage may be repeated or changed. 

How is my manager involved?

It depends! Users can give their manager viewing rights to some or all of their data, invite them to join a Sprint Crew or simply review the progress of their Sprints in regular 1:1s.

How often do I need to use it to get results?

Executed properly, you should be able to see results from your first sprint, which can last anything from 4 to 12 weeks.

Do I need a coach to use Produgie?

No. Produgie will make recommendations and help to guide you. Ask us about how coaches are using Produgie to increase their reach and impact!

How is Produgie different from other development tools?

Many products in the market provide learning content and application of it to work. Produgie helps users design experiences that deliver real business outcomes and, at the same time, trigger development for an individual or team.

How does this work with our existing leadership framework?

Produgie uses a framework based on drivers of business growth & transformation. If these outcomes are important to an organization, then the framework will be useful. Produgie is not intended to replace company leadership models.

How much would it cost to implement Produgie for my company?

.LEAD licenses start at US$ 16 per user per month. We'd be happy to offer a 2 week free trial, please reach out to us.