Product - Learning Enablement & Analytics

Technology that
increases ROI, not learning fatigue

Increase transfer of knowledge into work of leaders at all levels; increase visibility on impact and outcomes of knowledge transfer

Get more value from & lower cost of learning programmes and initiatives

Product and integrations offer one-of-a kind ability to increase impact of L&D on business

Sprint Dashboard and Analytics
Certified Users view aggregate or individual activity and Sprint behavior in structured learning or leadership development programmes; measure individual effort, outcomes and programme impact and outcomes.
Improve Transfer of Learning
Programme owners can create Sprint Templates to help learners transfer knowledge into work practice. Links are created and shared with course materials and can be tracked to ensure guidance and support is provided - and to promote accountability for learning outcomes.
Self-Register for Events
Users register in Produgie for human-led sessions to adopt new learning mindsets and methods such as “Grow-in-the-Flow”.
Manage User Events
Enterprise Customers can upload workshops or time-specific coaching or small group sessions from their own Console and monitor attendance; Produgie manages group size and tracks participation.


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