Product - Growth Leader 360

A 360 people
love to take

A 360 that is future focused with more guidance and support; easy to give & receive with no administrative burden

Positively engage others
for feedback and feed forward

An innovative, personalised tool that helps to understand what right looks like and how to focus development for improved performance and career success

Insight as Catalyst
Help individuals understand how they are performing against a standard of 100% for each Growth Leader Capability.
Future Focused
Elicits feed forward from multiple stakeholders on how to get closer to 100%; positive support motivates action.
Contextualized for Role
Provides inputs on the relative importance of Growth Leader capabilities for current role; help individual focus on what matters most.
Built by Scientists
Developed by PhD level Organization Psychologists at Organisation Solutions and tested globally for more than 15 years.
Embedded IP Extends Benefits
Data from the GL360 is aggregated and made available instantaneously to Certified Users for coaching and leadership development purposes.