Product - Growth Leader Assessment

Cultivate strategic self-insights for growth leader impact & career success

Proven assessment benefits the individual, team and business

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Now is the time to democratize high quality leadership assessment

A cutting edge, science backed and proven assessment to help individuals learn about the capabilities they need to deliver results, build capabilities for the future and energize them self and others.

Measures Business Growth Drivers
Premium, online leadership assessment measure capabilities that drive business growth and transformation.
Beyond Personality Measures
Insights help individuals understand who they are and what they do as leaders; benchmarks enable comparison to other growth leaders globally.
Personalized Recommendations
Provides Users with recommendations to focus their development tailored to challenges faced in current or future roles; update recommendations as role challenges change.
Backed by Science
Surveys adapt to User level; developed by PhD level Organization Psychologists at Organisation Solutions and tested globally for more than 6 years.
Embedded IP extends Benefits
Data from the GLA is aggregated in the Growth Leader Team Report and is available instantaneously to certified Users for workforce development and planning purposes.