Solution: Scale-ups

Your Business Requires Stronger Leadership & Teamwork Yesterday

High growth businesses must accelerate leader & team capabilities to sustain business performance, and shape great places to work for everyone.

Today’s leader, team & culture solutions are slow, siloed & unscalable

High growth businesses need a high growth operating system that enables leader, team and organization effectiveness

Accelerate Growth Leadership

Growth Leader Assessment & Growth Leader 360 provide deep insights with recommendations for development and reduce time from insight into action.

Scale Capabilities that Matter

Thousands of Sprint configurations make it easier for managers to deliver performance, build capabilities, and energize self and others; share Sprint Templates for their team and others.

Onboard for Success

Produgie Onboarding Sprints set up everyone for success; Sprint Templates create quick starts into a company, first people manager role, or first manager of people managers role.

Scale Team Alignment & Transitions

Set up and align teams quickly and ease team member transitions; Team Sprints activate teamwork with less effort.

Increase Strategic HR Impact

Growth Leader Assessment predicts sales growth, productivity, and employee turnover; this can inform selection, promotion and workforce planning decisions and strategies.

Lower Cost of Leader & Team Services

Upload & manage workshops, ondemand coaching or small group sessions from the Console with User self-registration; integrate with company collaboration tools.

Reduce Time to Value

Rapid deployment with little or no cost enables portfolio companies to benefit faster; pricing is affordable at all stages of business growth.


Build your people, teams & culture faster to keep pace.

Add your team, access the Growth Leader 360, Team Alignment Survey and Sprints – for free!

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