Product - Leader & Team Analytics

Ensure your managerial workforce is future ready now

Aggregate and individual assessment data is available instantaneously to Certified Users

Inform innovation & growth strategies and strategic workforce decisions

GLA & GLA360 data give new insights into culture as well as strengths and weaknesses for strategy execution

Assessments Predict Business Outcomes
The Growth Leader Assessment has been shown to predict sales growth, productivity improvement and employee turnover. Aggregate result show areas of strength and weakness for the business.
Forward Focused Talent and Development
Talent Analytics data is used by Certified Users in workforce planning and forward-focused development planning for individuals or groups of individuals.
Custom Analytics
Enterprise Certified Users perform custom analytics and generate data visualizations for business insights and strategy using an integrated 3rd party data application.
Privacy by Design
Our innovative, “Privacy by Design” architecture allows Users to see who sees their data and to opt out if they are uncomfortable. Enterprise buyers can remove the ability to opt out but we do not recommend this.