Solution: Professional Services

Your own Teams must Change Faster than the Clients they Serve

Professional Services Enterprises and Agencies need to scale new mindsets, capabilities & culture faster than ever

Today’s leader, team & culture solutions are slow, siloed & unscalable

Existing solutions for Professional Services are not fast enough for the pace of business innovation and change

Accelerate Growth Leadership

Growth Leader Assessment & Growth Leader 360 provide deep insights with recommendations for development and reduce time from insight into action; Produgie activates growth leadership from professional to senior client account leader.

Scale Team Effectiveness at Lower Costs

Enable team alignment and improvement within or across business entities; ease team member transitions; Team Sprint Libraries activate teamwork with less effort.

Rapid Time to Value

Produgie is deployed in the cloud with no set-up cost. Enterprises and their ecosystem partners can cost effectively and quickly configure permissions and viewing rights of data.

Enable Scalable Leader & Team Services

Upload & manage workshops, ondemand coaching or small group sessions from the Admin Console for User self-registration; lower cost of services delivered.

Increase Strategic HR Impact

Growth Leader Assessment predicts sales growth, productivity, and  employee turnover; this can inform selection, promotion and workforce planning decisions and strategies.


Build your people, teams & culture faster to keep pace.

Add your team, access the Growth Leader 360, Team Alignment Survey and Sprints – for free!

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